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About Us

The leading Business Intelligence firm in Quantum Tech


We provide trusted data, insights, analysis and intelligence to users, vendors, governments, investors and academia globally through the leading experts & technology in the industry.

We are your trusted partner in Quantum Tech Business Intelligence treating all of our clients, sources and partners with equal respect, attention and confidentiality.

Our voice is authoritative, rooted in decades of experience, motivated by deep subject matter expertise and backed by proprietary data. We publish reliable content and assets covering all aspects of our industry.

We are fully independent and do not serve any third-party interests. Our data is unbiased, our analysis factional, and our opinions limited to what we can discuss publically.

A new era in Quantum Tech Business Intelligence


Unlike consulting firms, BI is our business model. No bias. No ulterior motive.


Our resources, technology & experience cannot be matched by smaller firms or independent experts.


Unlike large BI vendors we are fully dedicated to Quantum Tech - at ⅓ their price point - and with the leading experts in the field at your disposal.


GQI is your trusted, authoritative & independent source for Quantum Tech Business Intelligence.

Work With Us
For all Inquiries about Working with Us, Please Email:
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Meet The Team

Our team unites the leading business experts in Quantum Tech, who were at the forefront of bringing expertise & analysis to the market as early as 2015. With a global footprint and background, we serve clients across all geographies.

Our Leadership Team


Doug Finke
Chief Content Officer & Co-Founder

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As the founder of The Quantum Computing Report, Doug is one of the first and most well known voices in Quantum Tech.


David Shaw, PhD
Chief Analyst & Co-Founder

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David unites two decades of experience building and leading Business Intelligence firms, and a PhD in Physics.


Terrill Frantz, PhD
Chief Product & Technology Officer

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Terrill is a product and tech marven with 35 years of experience who has been spearheading Quantum Tech education and standard initiatives since 2018


André M. König

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Bringing two decades of management consulting & startup founder experience, André has been fully dedicated to Quantum Tech since 2018.

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Michael Baczyk
Junior Expert

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With Masters from Cambridge and ETH Zurich, Michael contributed to quantum projects at CERN and Los Alamos, three publications.

Read Michael's full bio

Together we combine 18 years working in Quantum Tech, 20 years in Consulting, 15 years in Business Intelligence, 9 startups, 3 exits, 3 degrees from MIT and 1 PhD in Physics.

Our Team of Experts

Quantum Tech Experts

We have a vast network of analysts, experts and consultants that work for us on a full-time, part-time or contract basis.

Many are scientists or academics with PhD's from leading universities and significant R&D experience - most are specialized in certain applications of Quantum Tech.


Others are BI professionals with a business & economics background.

Regionally, we are able to cover all of North- and South America, Europe, parts of APAC including China, and Africa.

Data & Data Science

Our platform runs on a sophisticated technology stack and strict processes to ensure data quality & consistency, as well as enduring high quality and uniformity of deliverables.

We have a near-shore and off-shore team to own data collection, management and analytics, data science and analysis, design, web and product management.


GQI is rooted in execution and we have a team of finance, marketing, operations and management professionals to ensure this is done daily.

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