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Doug Finke

Chief Content Officer


Doug is an accomplished computer industry executive with background at some of the world's largest computer (IBM), semiconductor (Intel), and storage (Western Digital) companies. He helps companies turn raw technology into profitable businesses by leveraging the lessons learned over many years to create new sustainable businesses that transform markets.

Quantum Tech Experience

Doug is a pioneer within Quantum Tech, globally known and respected. Having started his professional services business in 2015 he was a first mover in the industry as a non-scientist. Specifically:

  • Founder, Quantum Computing Report - the leading news & analysis platform in QIS

  • Analyst in Quantum Tech, part of The Quantum Analyst Roundtable

  • Consultant & Advisor to many vendors, startups and users in QIS

  • Frequent keynote speaker at all the main conferences in QIS




Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master of Science (MS), Business Administration and Management, General


University of Illinois Urbana-Champagne

BS, Computer Engineering


Publisher & Managing Director

Quantum Computing Report, LLC

After many years in corporate America I am setting up a new market research and consulting firm specializing in the emerging field of quantum computing. Although the first quantum computers are just starting to be shipped now, this technology will develop rapidly and is expected to have a major impact on 21st century information technology. The firm's mission is to become the world's leading source of information and advice for venture capitalists, startup companies, and established companies on commercialization activities in this rapidly expanding technology field. 


Director, Product Marketing


Managed Product Marketing for Xitore


SSD, Business Management

HGST, a Western Digital Company

Integration of SSD Marketing activities at sTEC with those of HGST.


Senior Director, Product Marketing


Oversaw all the commercial marketing activities for a company offering SSD, Embedded Flash, and DRAM module products and also the technical marketing activities for the Embedded Flash and DRAM products.


Vice-President Product Marketing


Helped raise over $25 in VC funding at startup developing ASIC controller chips for video signal processing applications.



Corning IntelliSense

MIT spin-off company later purchased to become Corning's center of MEMS technology expertise. Active in sale of company to Corning for a $750 million valuation.


Vice-President & General Manager, MEMS Foundry Business


Created one of the very first dedicated MEMS foundries by converting an older semiconductor wafer fab to serve this emerging market.


Strategic Planning Manager

Chips and Technologies

Guided corporate strategy development and product approval process. Ran business unit developing multi-processor chipset support for server based systems.


DRAM Marketing Manager


Last marketing manager for DRAM memory at Intel before Andy Grove decided to shut down the business unit and focus on microprocessors.


Senior Associate Engineer


ASIC design engineer for logic chips used in mainframe cache memories

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