Our Methodology

It is vital to our success that we provide unbiased, trusted services and products to our clients and we pride ourselves on the highest ethical standards of professional services. Which is why we adhere to a strict methodology.

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Our methodology relies on people and technology:

  1. A Key Account team that manages the client relationship and ensures all your meets are met

  2. A tech team that collects, cleans, prepares and visualizes quantum tech data from global public and private sources

  3. A senior team of experts that regularly publishes analysis and reports on pertinent topics, and is available to advice clients on specific topics 


This allows us to ensure the highest quality of service while avoiding conflicts of interest when serving our clients to the highest professional standards.

GQI covers all aspects of Quantum Tech globally through a variety of assets tailored to different audiences and across all industries and regions.

If our current publishing catalogue does not immediately address your needs, our experts are available to discuss your goals and tailor deliverables for your success.


A curated news feed with the latest news on Quantum Tech globally brought to you daily.


The Quantum Computing Report

Started by Doug Finke in 2015, The Quantum Computing Report by GQI is our weekly newsletter with analysis of the news in Quantum Tech as you have come to love and trust it.



Originally part of the Quantum Computing Report offering, Qnalysis is the insights solution by GQI that provides insights and analysis on the latest developments in Quantum Tech globally.


Quantum World Detangled

Started by André M. König in 2018 with his newsletter counting 15,000 subscribers, this has evolved into a series of videocasts analysing the biggest trends in Quantum Tech globally, as well as introducing key players of the worldwide ecosystem.



The largest proprietary data set in Quantum Tech with the most detailed taxonomy in the market, brought to our users in easy to understand and use charts and visualizations.



Pioneered by Dr. David Shaw with Fact Based Insights, our reports provide an in depth look covering both technical and commercial aspects of specific applications and fields within Quantum Tech.



GQI unites the leading analysts and experts in Quantum Tech and they are available to our clients to provide color and context on all of the above assets.

They are also available to discuss your specific needs and help tailor our publication roadmap to your goals.

Our Services

Let's Work Together

We look forward to discussing your needs within Quantum Tech and how we can collaborate around them.