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Our Methodology

It is vital to our success that we provide unbiased, trusted services and products to our clients and we pride ourselves on the highest ethical standards of professional services. Which is why we adhere to a strict methodology.

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Our methodology relies on people and technology:

  1. A Key Account team that manages the client relationship and ensures all your needs are met

  2. A tech team that collects, cleans, prepares and visualizes quantum tech data from global public and private sources

  3. A senior team of experts that regularly publishes analysis and reports on pertinent topics, and is available to advise clients on specific topics 


This allows us to ensure the highest quality of service while avoiding conflicts of interest when serving our clients to the highest professional standards.

1 - GQI Membership

GQI members with an annual subscription gain full and unlimited access to our client portal with all of our assets and content, continuously updated, along with the archives dating back to 2015.

This is the easiest and most affordable way for your organization to gain in-depth intelligence on any quantum tech application or trend, stay up to date with the latest developments and benefit from calls with our experts.

2 - Due Diligence Services

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3 - Round Tables

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4 - Briefings

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5 - Advertising & Branding

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Our Services

Let's Work Together

We look forward to discussing your needs within Quantum Tech and how we can collaborate around them.

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