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Stakeholders in Quantum Tech

Our clients include all global stakeholders in quantum tech globally and we strive to serve them with tailored solutions to address their specific needs.

Our Clients


We help large vendors of Quantum Tech to understand the global ecosystem, strategy, positioning and differentiation.


Assessments of vendors and startups, as well as opportunities for internal strategic programs.


Startups in Quantum Tech come to us to understand opportunities, assess risks and attract capital.


Optimize deal flow and improve due diligence to maximize investment returns in quantum tech.


Academia and research labs who want to understand the current state of the technology and future trends.


Federal users who need to understand the ecosystem, product their own analysis and assess strategic impacts.

A reliable publication calendar & expertise

All our clients can rely on a fully published content calendar to know exactly what assets will be produced and updated, and when.

They have unlimited access to all our archive and data sets.

And they can work with our experts & analysts to customize deliverables to their needs.

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