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Michael Baczyk

Junior Expert

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Michael, aka Quantum Leonardo, possesses a rare fusion of depth and breadth in quantum tech. As a top student with Master's degrees from both the University of Cambridge and ETH Zurich, his expertise delves into advanced quantum methodologies and techniques. Michael's prowess is further highlighted as he emerged as a global victor in intense quantum programming competitions, consistently surpassing hundreds of adept participants.


During his tenure at a leading quantum startup, Michael was instrumental in strategizing and amplifying Quantum Computing capabilities. He meticulously assessed solutions, architected visionary technology roadmaps, and innovated quantum algorithms, positioning the firm at the forefront of the impending quantum commercial wave.


Michael's scholarly contributions are evident in his three pivotal publications, emphasizing his depth in research and academic writing. His acceptance into the elite Quantum Computing Summer School 2022, with a mere 4% acceptance rate, further accentuates his standing in the quantum community. At CERN, as a distinguished CERN openlab summer student (with a selective 2.7% acceptance rate), he made significant strides in the AI and Quantum research group.


Michael collaborates closely with businesses across various sectors, ensuring they benefit from his quantum insights. As the quantum field progresses, Michael remains a steadfast guide and connector. Outside of work, he enjoys the thrill of both surfing and kitesurfing, showcasing his love for the outdoors.




Massachusetts Institute of Technology

- Introduction to Quantum Computing
- Quantum Computing Fundamentals
- Applications of Quantum Computing
- Quantum Algorithms for Cybersecurity, Chemistry, and Optimization


MBA, Economics

University of Chicago

MBA in Economics and Strategic Management from the #1 ranked business school in the world.

Activities and societies: Management Consulting Club, European Business Club, President of the Sailing Club


Masters, Business & Economics

ICN School of Management

Top 5 French Business School from which I graduated as the first foreign student with a Masters degree.

Activities and societies: ICN Business School (Top 40 World according to FT)
- Masters (Msc) in Management (MiM) formerly "Grande Ecole de Commerce"
- Diploma in International Management (DIM)


Founder & Chairman


OneQuantum is a supportive and authentic community platform for anyone active or interested in Quantum Tech global no matter their background, skills, origin, gender, race or goal with 22 local chapters, over 4,000 attendees, over 500K virtual reach across 45+ countries since founding.

Our mission is to equip our members and the wider community with strong local networks and access to the global community by offering events, summits, online communities and, as well as mentoring, career services and actual quantum tech projects. By doing so, we hope to democratize the use of QIS applications beyond the ivory tower.


NYC Ambassador

City AI

New York’s applied AI community brings together the peers around the best use of Machine Learning – Deep Learning – Cognitive – Augmented Intelligence – Natural Language Processing – Neural Networks – computer vision – and more.



Opentopic, Inc (exit)

We all suffer from "data deluge" - sales teams trying to make sense of CRM, email and other data. Marketing struggling to keep up with social media and digital sources. HR wanting to understand what employees talk and care about. Executives needing to be in the know on a myriad of expert sources.

Sia is here to help!

Sia understands all these sources and types of data, and helps you make sense of them. We call this cognitive insights.

Add Sia to your sales, marketing, product, innovation or communication teams in any collaboration tool and get access to the power of A.I. & cognitive to conquer the data deluge and deliver superior business results.

Sia leverages the Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) of IBM Watson and our own Opentopic Technologia Lab, enabling teams to better understand the deluge of public and private data coming at us every second of our professional life.


Launch Advisors & Lead Mentor

German Accelerator NYC

Tasked by the Germany Minister of the Economy, I was part of the team that launched GANY.

The German Accelerator supports German tech startups to enter the U.S. market. We provide startups with hands-on mentoring at our locations in Silicon Valley, San Francisco and New York City.


5 unicorns to date.

I have advised 100+ technology, web, mobile and media start-ups on new business development, sales & marketing, operations, branding & positioning, and pricing.


Founder & CEO

BrainTracer, LLC

BrainTracer is revolutionizing the treatment of depression through the use of neurobehavioral science delivered via a mobile platform - MoodTune.


This science, published by Pr. Diego Pizzagalli, is in partnership with McLean Hospital, Harvard University.

MoodTune is a mobile patient self-management and treatment optimization platform for people suffering from depression and related conditions both for the end-user and the institutional customer.

We enable shorter treatments, lower treatment costs and better treatment results based on a data driven approach to mHealth.

BrainTracer is currently raising grants for lab trials with our healthcare partners.


Private Equity & Country Manager

SSA & Company

Bought as the "Six Sigma Academy" by a group of investors to form SSA & Co, they brought in a CEO - and me as his right hand - to transform the business.

SSA & Company transforms companies to enhance business outcomes (e.g., growth, profit, capability). We uniquely drive these outcomes by combining cutting-edge digital tools and advanced analytics techniques with operations improvements. SSA & Company is part of Council Advisors (formerly G100 Companies), a private partnership of businesses that deliver solutions, advice, and forums on the issues that matter most to CEOs of the world’s leading companies.

From the ground up, working with Dr. Mikel Harry, the inventor of the Six Sigma methodology, I drove business development for SSA & Co in the early days, then oversaw international expansion, and ultimately helped establish our PE practice.

From a team of 2 we went to 300+ consultants in 6 years and one of the leading consultancies in the world.


Senior Manager


Engagement Leader August 2004 - August 2006
• Engagement leader for client projects: Managing teams, deliverables, presentations and client relations
• Lead market analysis, due diligence, competition vetting, SWOT, TAM/SAM and other strategic analysis
• Develop market strategy, build/ buy/ partner recommendations, product/ pricing road maps & growth initiatives
• Clients include c-level executives and VPs at the largest NA technology and software companies, a leading technology conglomerate from Germany and VC backed start-ups



Anderson Consulting & Accenture

• Worked with CFO/ CIO of a $1 billion company to implement $80 million CRM, billing and reporting project. Led tests on cutting edge software architecture and coordinated cross-functional Accenture and client teams
• Led a team of five persons in the analysis and implementation of a revolutionary billing system. Enabled the client to gain over $3 million in revenue and collect bills in time. Held recruiting responsibilities within my team
• Developed model to analyze need of human and technical resources for a $20 million project of the French government, coordinating a team of 50 people in Europe, US and Asia. Presented results to senior partner
• Built interactive on-demand financial statements for French cable operator for quarterly reporting to SEC
• Drafted methodology to test customized software and migrate client data, methodology approved as benchmark
• Created knowledge transfer documents with a team of colleagues and trained client on complex pre-processing, billing and reporting system. Enabled the client to run and maintain the system on its own

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