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Welcome message by Asif Sinay, CEO of QEDMA:


Between Qubits & Algorithms: Welcome to the Quantum Midstack!


As the Quantum Computing landscape accelerates, we see an upsurge of user-driven demand, keen to deploy quantum algorithms for specialized applications. Simultaneously, quantum hardware, despite its rapid progress, contends with noise and errors that can curtail its potential.

To align user requirements and expectations with the continuously advancing quantum hardware, the Quantum Midstack has emerged. As depicted on the report's cover, it serves as a vital conduit, ensuring that, even with today's quantum hardware limitations, we can realize outcomes that surpass classical benchmarks.

At the heart of the Quantum Midstack is a deep understanding of the imperfections inherent in quantum hardware and a commitment to minimize their impact. In the report, you'll get a clear overview of the key functions of the Quantum Midstack, including error mitigation methods, optimization techniques, error correction protocols, and error suppression strategies.

This is what QEDMA excels at. We demonstrated the capabilities of our product, QESEM (Quantum Error Suppression and Error Mitigation) by performing, up-to-date, the largest unbiased error-mitigated quantum circuit. By 2024, QEDMA aims to empower its customers with initial algorithmic quantum advantages, specifically in quantum simulations of materials. We aim to deliver quantum computational advantages with wide algorithmic applications already within the next 3-4 years, and, by integrating error correction capabilities into QESEM, enable further significant increases in available quantum circuit volumes to our customers.

This report goes beyond just summarizing the Quantum Midstack timeline; it dives deep into the intricacies of each technological layer within the stack. Moreover, it paints a picture of the commercial endeavors of key stakeholders in the sector.


When we co-founded Qedma, we decided to embark on the mission of contributing to humanity by making quantum computing possible. As time progressed, we witnessed the tangible success of our endeavors, affirming Qedma's capability to realize this ambitious mission. Today, Qedma possesses the necessary tools, expertise and roadmap to fulfill our vision. We are excited and full of passion on this journey.


QEDMA is honored to be at the forefront of quantum computing innovation and to partner with exceptional companies to deliver quantum computing advantages to the world and help it solve its biggest challenges.

Midstack Focus Report by Qedma

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