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Between Qubits & Algorithms: Welcome to the Quantum Midstack!


As the Quantum Computing landscape accelerates, we see an upsurge of user-driven demand, keen to deploy quantum algorithms for specialized applications. Simultaneously, quantum hardware, despite its rapid advancements, contends with noise and error factors that can curtail its potential.


To align user requirements and expectations with the continuously advancing quantum hardware, the Quantum Midstack has emerged. As depicted on the report's cover, it serves as a vital conduit, ensuring that, even with today's quantum hardware limitations, we can realize outcomes that surpass classical benchmarks.


At the heart of the Quantum Midstack is a deep understanding of the imperfections inherent in quantum hardware and a commitment to minimize their impact. In the report, you'll get a clear overview of the key functions of the Quantum Midstack, including error mitigation methods, optimization techniques, error correction protocols, and error suppression strategies.


The Classiq platform’s three components cover the midstack and application layers.

We invite you to explore our true quantum compiler, operating system (OS), integrated development environment (IDE) and seamless execution on gate-based hardware:
● Classiq’s true compilation can be compared to transforming a high-level language such as Python or Java into assembly code. The compilation results in a gate level machine-code implementation of the algorithm.
● Classiq’s OS approach lets operating-system principles govern all resource allocations. This includes memory allocation (auxiliary qubits), accuracy allocation (error distribution between functions), entanglement allocation, runtime decisions and more.
● Classiq’s integrated development environment (IDE) includes all that is necessary for the quantum programmer to work throughout the entire programming lifecycle - including spec, design, debugging, implementation, testing, verification, and deployment of the algorithm or application, including hybrid algorithms. This includes analysis tools to review results and resource utilization of the hardware.


Classiq’s approach is scalable, hardware agnostic and future-proof. We extend an invitation to you to partner with us on this mission. Let's democratize quantum computing!

Midstack Focus Report by Classiq

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