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Welcome to the Global Quantum Intelligence (GQI) Report,


As we navigate the burgeoning quantum landscape, we're excited to present a document that serves as a roadmap for the diverse actors who are building the future of technology. To the policymakers whose strategic decisions spark progress, the investors on the lookout for the next big leap, and the supply chain vendors who are the unsung heroes holding it all together – this is for you.


Policymakers, your vision sets the stage for quantum advancements. The frameworks you develop are more than guidelines; they are the catalysts that can propel nascent technologies into real-world applications. Your leadership in fostering an environment where innovation thrives is critical.


Investors, your role cannot be overstated. You're not just funding technology; you're fueling dreams and enabling the pioneers of quantum computing to turn sci-fi into science. Your willingness to bet on the future is what will make it possible.


And to the vendors – the builders, the makers, the doers – you are the bedrock of the quantum realm. Your efforts to connect, support, and streamline are what will turn the chaos of innovation into the clarity of solutions.


This report is a convergence point for ideas, challenges, and opportunities. It's a glimpse into what's possible when we all pull in the same direction. So, as we lay out the findings and map out the potential, let's roll up our sleeves and get ready to shape the future – together.


Layers of the supply chain

The quantum supply chain is an intricate and multidimensional ecosystem, characterized by a diverse range of elements, technologies, and methodologies. It is best understood as a stratified architecture, where each layer plays a distinct and critical role in the development and deployment of quantum technologies. The supply chain spans from the foundational raw materials to the advanced applications in quantum computing, sensing, and communications. This report delineates the supply chain into four primary layers, organized in a top-down approach:


  • High-Level Methodologies and Modalities: This uppermost tier encompasses the sophisticated methodologies and modalities that drive quantum applications. It includes the algorithms, theoretical frameworks, and specialized software that form the backbone of quantum technologies. These high-level methodologies are pivotal in translating the potential of quantum mechanics into practical, real-world applications in computing, sensing, and communications.

  • Quantum Platforms: Situated beneath the methodologies and modalities layer, the quantum platforms tier consists of the systems and architectures that operationalize quantum principles. This layer is where the abstract concepts of quantum mechanics materialize into tangible platforms. These platforms vary in form and function, ranging from quantum computers and quantum simulators to quantum communication networks and quantum sensing devices. Each platform is engineered to leverage quantum phenomena for specific applications, playing a crucial role in the broader quantum technology landscape.

  • Fabrication and foundries: 

  • Components: The component layer forms the physical backbone of quantum platforms. It includes a range of specialized hardware and electronic devices that are integral to the functioning of quantum systems. This layer covers Quantum Plane, Control Plane and Control Logic Hardware.

  • Elements and Advanced Materials: At the foundation of the quantum supply chain lies the elements and advanced materials layer. This layer encompasses the raw materials and elemental substances that are essential for constructing quantum components and platforms. Advanced materials such as superconductors, semiconductors, photonic materials, and topological insulators are key to this layer. The development and refinement of these materials are critical for advancing the capabilities and efficiencies of quantum technologies.


Global Quantum Supply and Value Chain

  • The GQI Outlook series is the predominant and authoritative, annual overview of the quantum tech space.

    Provided across quantum applications, outlooks analyze computing hardware and software, algorithms and other areas with an in-depth look at the technologies, products, vendors - and the scientific current state driving these.

    Anyone interested in quantum tech, will not find a more detailed or valuable analysis of the state than the GQI Outlooks.

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