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The UK National Quantum Technologies Programme has been a globally pioneering initiative in the quantum sector due to its scope and explicit focus on translating research into commercial applications. It has influenced many subsequent initiatives around the globe. As we approach the 10th anniversary of its conception, the UK’s push for science and innovation driven success is entering a new phase. The UK government has announced plans to spend £2.5B over a 10 year continuation of its quantum programme. In an increasingly geopolitical arena, GQI feels the UK is an attractive quantum partner and investment destination.


For those considering investing in the UK’s quantum sector, partnering with it or simply wishing to learn lessons, GQI has prepared its own independent analysis of the programme and the government's plans. A key starting point is the need to understand how it has evolved in parallel alongside UK policy science, innovation and industry, and the future outlook for the long-term stability of the policy.

Focus Report | Quantum Tech in the UK

  • The GQI Outlook series is the predominant and authoritative, annual overview of the quantum tech space.

    Provided across quantum applications, outlooks analyze computing hardware and software, algorithms and other areas with an in-depth look at the technologies, products, vendors - and the scientific current state driving these.

    Anyone interested in quantum tech, will not find a more detailed or valuable analysis of the state than the GQI Outlooks.

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