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We are excited to bring you the first-of-its-kind in-depth review of the cloud services for quantum. The products covered in this report are all united by the same objective - to make quantum computing accessible, affordable, efficient and effective. They are the enablers that connect complex problem owners with emerging solution providers - and thus, play an indispensable role in the ecosystem, albeit being less known to the public. We would like to change that. 


Quantum Computing is one of the most fascinating technologies currently in development that together with machine learning is going to fundamentally change the world - how we live and what is possible. These new computers are arriving when we need them most - to develop new materials for carbon capture or improve energy efficiency and speed of future ML models training. 


While the timeline for hardware development is tricky (by 2035 or later), computational results can be significantly improved with specialized software solutions (e.g. reducing “noise”). With hardware and software improving simultaneously, there’s a promise that the meaningful quantum advantage on a real-life process or product can be achieved much sooner. When these parallel developments will yield a quantum advantage in real life, and by whom, is anyone’s guess. What we know is that it is only a question of time when a certain amount of experimentation translates into the right combination of hardware, software and will lead to a meaningful use case. 


We created the QCentroid platform to further accelerate the timeline - by enabling quantum computing teams to experiment faster. In the short and medium term, it means finding your “business advantage” faster, vital to secure further quantum program funding. In the long term, when truly scalable quantum hardware arrives, having your “business advantage” IP ready means having a competitive advantage on the market with unique solutions that cannot be copied. 


QCentroid is pioneering the Quantum Ops concept, focusing on “how” the development, testing and deployment of the new applications can be done in the best possible way - independent of the type of quantum or classical computer being used. The process is repeated when the new software or hardware becomes available, powering the “continuous improvement” cycle. 


In the future, we believe quantum computing technology will be able to unlock many new applications addressing previously intractable - and critical - problems for humanity. Our vision is to equip companies with the right tools for each task, and enable them tackle those strategic challenges. 


​Choosing QCentroid platform is an investment in the future that will keep on giving. We hope that you’ll find the following report by Global Quantum Intelligence most insightful. 

Cloud services for quantum | QCentroid

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