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Anaqor is a software-focused quantum start-up based in Berlin and Stuttgart founded to enable innovators who build and use tomorrow’s quantum solutions.


In 2019, Anaqor initiated PlanQK – the first community-powered quantum platform and ecosystem supported by the German government and trusted to date by more than 100 organizations. PlanQK provides the technological foundation to connect all players involved in the quantum value chain to push together the boundaries of what’s possible today and create the biggest impact for society.


We are convinced that now is the right time to get involved with quantum computing. Many large companies are already testing possibilities for future QC application areas. But even big firms often shy away from the very high costs involved, and for small and medium-sized companies the barrier to entry is simply too high. With PlanQK, we are giving all innovative companies and organizations easy and cost-effective access to this future technology today.


PlanQK is for both quantum app developers and users. Developers can make their solutions and expertise available to the general public and market them via PlanQK. Users benefit from a wide range of applications and access to all relevant QC hardware offerings. Another major advantage is the community-driven comprehensive knowledge platform that is available to all PlanQK users.


By using PlanQK, users are on the safe side and avoid potential lock-in effects. Today, nobody knows which technology will prevail. PlanQK is always up to date with the latest technology and safeguards previous investments; switching to new methods and hardware is possible at any time. Last but not least, customers secure their investments in their existing IT landscape. The latest quantum technology can be integrated into existing applications via API-driven quantum services and no comprehensive new developments are necessary.


Start using quantum technology now. Let's check together which use cases promise significant advantages and how we can support you.

Cloud services for Quantum Focus Report by Anaqor

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