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    The search functionality is a powerful tool to explore all of the intelligence provided by GQI to our members, especially when going beyond the linked collections in the navigation. It provides you with access to unlinked collections, dashboards, analysis, data sets, and even news articles on virtually any topic or entity in quantum tech. Accessible directly via the search field displayed on top of the menu - or via the dedicated menu item at the very left - this is your starting point for any intelligence journey. The best way to go about it is to follow your curiosity and explore your topics and entities of interest. Ideally, you will Start your search with a keyword; this could be a concept (i.e. quantum sensing), a specific topic (i.e. superconducting qubits) or, for example, an entity (i.e. GQI) You're likely to obtain hundreds of results and we recommend you filter these by the type of outcome that you are most interested in. For example, by asset type (if you know that you are looking for a dashboard rather than a written analysis), a specific vendor or startup, or a region - your options are endless
  • Request Expert
    GQI members have the opportunity to speak to our experts to gain additional context and information on any report or collection, or to provide feedback and input on a topic of choice. Scheduling an expert call - based on the number of hours available to you - is one of the best and fastest way to gain proprietary intelligence: Pick a topic Chose briefing vs Q&A Schedule the call We assign the best expert All expert calls have to go through the scheduling form.
  • QCR members
    Part of the GQI intelligence platform, the Quantum Computing Report (QCR) has been a highly valuable resource for many in quantum tech globally since 2015. All of the QCR content is now hosted on the GQI intelligence portal and accessible to all members.
  • Technology collections
    The core of our intelligence platform are collections - hubs that "collect" news, analysis, articles, video, reports, dashboards, insights, etc - for a given topic. There are two types of collections: Technology collections Ecosystem collections Let's start with technology collections, directly accessible via the navigation menu. Technology collections cover a deep and wide, proprietary taxonomy of topics - a total of 153 to be exact. We are continuously building out these technology collections and keeping them up to date according to the publication calendar. Currently, we cover about 60 different topics and are adding new ones each week. Collections follow a taxonomy with up to 4 levels of depth - this allows novices to explore more general topics, and experts to explore the details of specific areas. Be sure to browse collections of interest regularly as they continuously evolve - our newsletter and your account manager are your best source of guidance here.
  • Publication schedule
    GQI produces vast amounts of intelligence both with the help of technology and humans - all across the globe. Specifically: We deploy scrapers to gather data, news, jobs and other information automatically We employ experts and freelancers that read about quantum tech, and talk to other quantum tech, experts all day long, every day Both of these sets of intelligence go into a unified database where it gets cleaned, categorized, labelled From there we produce automated insights (data analytics) and manual content production The publication schedule aims to provide our members with guidance on which new reports or collections we are working on. This gives you a sense of what is coming, but also provides you with an opportunity to offer us feedback to help us prioritize our roadmap.
  • Ecosystem collections
    The core of our intelligence platform are collections - hubs that "collect" news, analysis, articles, video, reports, dashboards, insights, etc - for a given topic. There are two types of collections: Technology collections Ecosystem collections Ecosystem collections are directly accessible via the navigation menu. Ecosystem collections cover a wide fields of topics from funding to startups, conferences to accelerator programs - this is the business side of quantum tech. Here you will also find our Outlook Reports and Focus Reports. We are continuously adding new collections so check back often.
  • My content
    A convenient way to track important content, users have their own "my content" area.
  • Account manager
    Any issues or questions that you might have will be gladly addressed by your account manager. Your account manager is also a great resource to maximize your value out of being a GQI member, or offering suggestions and ideas. Please contact them directly at
  • Add users
    If you would like to add users from your organization please email names and email addresses to your account manager at Please note that, unless your contract specifies otherwise, we can only add users with an email address from the same domain as the member organization.
  • Additional GQI services
    - Deal sourcing - DD - Briefings - Roundtables - Speaking
  • Custom queries
    We cannot accomodate custom queries on an ongoing basis Publication schedule Collection feedback Custom report for partner clients
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    - Use cases
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