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Marketing Manager

Job Type

Part Time to Full Time

About the Role

The Marketing Manager will own all of our marketing efforts across all channels, touch points and asset classes.

This is a high responsible position us our public image is wide reaching and critical to our success - as such, you need to be able to demonstrate the highest levels of professionalism, enterprise understanding, attention to detail and reliability.

Your responsibility will be to work with our expert and content teams to proactively and pragmatically drive and grow awareness of GQI assets and intelligence.

Your success will be measured by your ability to independently design and implement an end to end marketing funnel and run it optimally.

Marketing is our primary sales function and this is a critical role to GQIs success.


During our conversation you will be able to demonstrate that you autonomously and pro-actively are able to lead and optimize the following aspects:

  1. Social media - optimized posting across channels and accounts, engagement, graphics, content calendar, hashtags, ets

  2. Web - graphic design, front-end implementation (Wix with HTML and CSS), copy, etc

  3. Design - graphic design for social media, web, marketing collateral, events, etc

  4. SEO optimization

  5. Newsletter - copy production, distribution, list building

  6. Blogs - posting of content

  7. Collateral - create marketing collateral across asset types (ppt, flyers, print, events, graphics, etc)

  8. Data wrapper - create data visualizations using simple tools

About the Company

We provide trusted data, insights, analysis and intelligence to users, vendors, governments, investors and academia globally through the leading experts & technology in the industry.

We are your trusted partner in Quantum Tech Business Intelligence treating all of our clients, sources and partners with equal respect, attention and confidentiality.

Our voice is authoritative, rooted in decades of experience, motivated by deep subject matter expertise and backed by proprietary data. We publish reliable content and assets covering all aspects of our industry.

We are fully independent and do not serve any third-party interests. Our data is unbiased, our analysis factional, and our opinions limited to what we can discuss publically.

A new era in Quantum Tech Business Intelligence

Unlike consulting firms, BI is our business model. No bias. No ulterior motive.

Our resources, technology & experience cannot be matched by smaller firms or independent experts.

Unlike large BI vendors we are fully dedicated to Quantum Tech - at ⅓ their price point - and with the leading experts in the field at your disposal.

GQI is your trusted, authoritative & independent source for Quantum Tech Business Intelligence.

What we offer

- Competitive base salary
- Stock options
- Commission or bonus
- Bi-annual off site team meeting
- Travel & event budget
- Opps & admin support
- Unlimited vacation
- Full remote work

Our company culture

- Collaborative work environment
- Flat & fast decision making
- Relentless customer and profit focus
- Zero hype or opinion policy
- Shared upside in our mutual success
- Monthly QIS training session
- Company branded swag
- Putting you and our customers front and center
- Company training & coaching sessions

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